Everyone’s invited to Giant Party’s debut track, ‘Where Have You Been?’

”Where Have You Been?” immediately feels like a song you’ve loved before, a tune your music friend should know, but doesn’t. Neither do you. To date, GiantParty have never played a live show, but soon the wait will be over.

Currently there are only two tracks available online which we assume from social media were recorded at Hackney Road Studios recently. Other details are shrouded in mystery, building intrigue for their debut show supporting ‘Man Made’ on 09/12.

Soft and measured drums lay the foundations on ”Where Have You Been?”, for playful keys to build into an addictive chorus of co-vocals worthy of a comparison to Wild Beasts. Mid way through the song we are treated to an unexpected euphoric breakdown before being yanked back in with prickly guitar lines and pushed into the final chorus, leaving nothing left but a sing-along.

The Londoners Second offering ”Nighttalk”, feels every inch a dusk driving anthem which see’s the band opt for a predominantly electronic soundscape whilst previously present guitars howl thoughtfully in the distance. As vocally seductive as a Glass Animals yet more delicate and somehow thoughtful.


09/12/16 – GiantParty – The Old Blue Last – FREE


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