It’s July 2001 in New York City, a buzz has built around a band which are touted by many, to be the princes of a new era of rock and roll. ‘Is This It’ lands July 30th 2001 to universal praise as The Strokes debut album hugs the city’s airwaves.

Sonic influences coming from legendary NYC bands such as The Velvet Underground and Television, with frontman Julian’s vocal output, and sense of less is more production values, recalling flashes of what made Lou Reed. Rumour had it that the original album recording sessions were heavily criticized by the band and subsequently scrapped for sounding too ”pretentious”. After this, Gordon Raphael took over as producer and completed the recording, cementing his own name in musical history.

Almost 17 years later that New York City sound lives on, this time in the form of The Britanys from Bushwick, NYC. The band, cross the pond for the first time next week to make their London debut playing two shows.

They arrive on the back of their recent E.P release ‘Five a Side’, a stripped back, raw, free flowing five track indie kids dream. The E.P is a quick, playful jaunt back in time bolstered with enough snarl, energy and original song craft to feel fresh. Lets embrace the period where Interpol, The Strokes and The Walkmen made their early impacts and left us a sound to cherish.






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