_FLASHBACKS OF THE FUTURE – The Lightning Year in endless memory_

When it comes to new music, rarely do you hear something sounding effortlessly comfortable in its own skin. ‘Endless Memory’, the debut single by London based band The Lightning Year, defines exactly that. A relentless drum gives the track a heartbeat which allows fast flowing vocals to unravel a glimpse of love and lust too quickly lost, yet ever present and endless in memory.

”I won’t let you die, i won’t let you slide from me” 

Backed by dreamy guitar work, the track begins to swell with emotion and almost consumes itself in its own haze providing us with a perfect slice of psychedelic pop music.

‘Endless Memory’ is available through London/ Manchester based label Nice Swan Records, the label is also home to South London rock outfit Dead Pretties.

May 11th will see the band play their first headline show at The Waiting Room in London, ticketing for free below with DICE.

DICE: The Lightning Year – The Waiting Room, London. FREE SHOW.