_In A Monstrous Punk Rock Nut Shell – SALT THE SNAIL present debut single, “COFFEE”_

When heinously sprinkled with salt, and with most of it’s body moisture removed, a snail will do it’s upmost to retreat into its mobile home and get the fuck out of there. With any hope, onto pastures new, with its tentacles (actually it’s eyes) held high. This takes some serious get-up-and-go, and with this in mind we delve into the world of Salt The Snail, currently one of the most furiously caffeinated bands around.

The band’s debut single “COFFEE“, 1 minute 14 seconds in total, is a ball of furious rage with a monstrous punk rock riff rolling through it backed by vocals stretched to braking point. Tight drum rolls turn to thunder, as the track takes on a new level and we witness the sort of power the three-piece can harness in just a minute.

                “Coffee, morphing, gruesome, gory, easy, easy, easy, easy, yeahhhh”

Previous support slots with Canadian hardcore/ punk heavyweights Fucked Up and Blackpool legends The Membranes last year will have done nothing but further cement the bands reputation as an exciting live band and prospect for 2017.

Their debut single “COFFEE” comes via label Society of Losers and is released on Friday 31/03, recorded and produced at The Studio Widnes by Ste Cole.

The video for the track see’s the band attempting,  and almost succeeding, to drink the 43 (according to my calculations) cups of coffee on the table in front of them in under a minute before over caffination ensues and the table is flipped and chaos erupts. Rarely has a video been so fitting to the music. Catch them live at THINKING/ NOT THINKING Festival early April to see what the fuss is all about.

Salt The Snail – Bandcamp


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