On 08/04/17 Oval Space in East London will play host to Flying Vinyl Festival, the festival will showcase some incredibly vital new music which lies within the underbelly of the alternative underground in this country. Topping the bill on the day will be Brighton’s much loved psych-rockers The Wytches, who have build a cult following in recent years due to their DIY ethos, raw live shows and incredible musical output.

The Wytches stop by to headline Flying Vinyl Festival in the middle of their U.K tour with Leeds lot Weirds. Last September The Wytches released “All Your Happy Life” via Heavenly Records will make their way through an extensive U.K tour before heading on to Europe for festival season.


Vinyl lovers believe in something physical, uniting a community of music lovers, holding your favourite new release in your hand, the artwork, the lyrics, something tangible. Flying Vinyl curates a selection of the best new physical releases from upcoming bands and connects them with an audience of music fans, whilst also putting the money back in the hands of the bands. Great new artists are no longer lost between the digital cracks and have a physical outlet to connect to new fans.

Last years festival featured Swim Deep, Black Honey and The Magic Gang among others, and each have gone on to reach bigger audiences and find their way in the music world. This years line up features 10 incredibly unique bands and represents an array of sounds and influences from across the country and beyond.

Check out the bands below playing at the festival.




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