London four-piece ANTEROS are set to release their new E.P “Drunk“, out 14/04/17 on Distiller Records. The lead track from that release (official release show at The Sebright Arms 27/04) is also named “Drunk” and is nothing short of pop paradise. Building on previous releases, we hear a band not afraid to go all out and write a hit that could propel them to dizzy heights. Previous release “Breakfast E.P” released through Kissability is full of 60’s inspired bitter-sweet love songs, and built around the perfect pop of “Breakfast“, where vocalist Laura Hayden wraps you around her little finger and demands you live in the moment. Sure to provide the groove on the day, pop music never felt so right.

dream wife

Brighton three-piece DREAM WIFE have been shaking up new music of late, storming SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, supporting the likes of BLACK HONEY, SLEIGH BELLS and THE KILLS, as well as releasing some razor sharp pop music such as new single “Somebody” on Lucky Number Records. What is striking about the Brighton via Iceland three-piece, is their natural confidence, their punk ethos to songwriting and their ease to which they convey a social message to their audience. Known for their raucous live shows, their set at FLYING VINYL FESTIVAL won’t be one to miss.


With the recent release of mind altering single “House On Fire” through Fat Cat Records, Chichester trio TRAAMS have crunched into a new gear. At over eight minutes long and lightning fast in its approach, it is progressive post-punk journey into a misty wilderness which has no beginning and perhaps no clear end. Without doubt one of the best live bands playing in the country, they channel everything from The Fall, Television, The Stooges to Sonic Youth yet always seem to be themselves.


London four-piece HIDDEN CHARMS have crafted a sizeable cult following of late, especially since releasing their excellent dynamic psych-rock tinged E.P “Harder From Here” through Deltasonic Records. Taking influence from all of the best rock ‘n’ roll groups to come out in the 60’s, the band bring a modern vision to a vintage sound. Stand out track “I Just Wanna Be Left Alone” is a surreal, throbbing psych-rock masterpiece and the sort of chorus people will singing all the way to the bar. Miss them at your peril.

spring king.jpg

Manchester band SPRING KING play direct fast paced garage rock, and having released their debut album last year to rave reviews, they have developed a live show packed with big tunes for small venues. Zane Lowe chose their track “City” to open his first ever show on Apple’s Beats 1 radio show and put the band into the mainstream spotlight. Their summer will be jam packed touring the small festival circuit and live they are a band at the peak on their powers.

the wytches

Brighton’s THE WYTCHES are certainly unique, a wide range of influences mark their releases from early demos to their fresh sounding debut full length “Annabel Dream Reader“, to the “Home Recordings” demos which they put out before their recent LP “All Your Happy Life“. The band love to make, and put out music and are at their best in scratchy raw demos and represent a true DIY ethos. They are at their best live, and have a strong back catalogue to choose from, expect something heavy with a twisted psychedelic edge from an understated front man screaming his heart out in front of you.


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