_INTERVIEW w/ BABY IN VAIN. Aspirations to become the biggest band on Mars and their new single “Transcendent”_

Transcendent” is the new single released by heavy hitting Copenhagen rock trio Baby In Vain. Not only is it the first taster from their upcoming debut LP, but also their first release since 2016’s E.P “For the Kids“. The E.P itself showed a band channeling a wide array of influences into five tracks. The strung out blues tinged rock of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, lined with the psych of The Black Angels to the hard rock drive of QOTSA with both vocalists taking turns to cut through the noise with contrasting levels of fragility and anger, telling twisted tales from our everyday world.

Over 4 minutes, “Transcendent” strips back and channels everything we know from the band. The track bridges old and new and takes a relentless hard rock edge, conjuring a deep, almost space age feel.

Hard Of Hearing caught up with the band before their show at Moth Club in London, finding them on the final stretch of their U.K tour supporting Manchester’s PINS, alongside Londoners YASSASSIN. With their debut album expected to be released in 2017, we asked the band what we could expect.

Andrea: “It’s our first full album. And every bands debut album is a mile stone in their career. You want it to show the world not only who you are as bands and as musicians, but who you are as human beings. Making your debut album is a defining moment.”

Recently PINS collaborated with Iggy Pop on their recent release “Aggrophobe“, who would you love to work with?
Bene: “We’ve always had Josh Homme as our dream collaboration, but Rob Ellis as producer on the album was definitely a dream collaboration as well. We wouldn’t mind a Mark Lanegan feature either!”
2017 should be a huge year for the band which will see them release their debut LP via Partisan Records, but what would they like to achieve if 2017 was the final year on earth?

Bene: “Making it possible for humans to live on Mars and then become worlds biggest band on Mars. If that is not possible.. hmm.. its a weird question because why would you want to achieve something if no one is going to remember you? I want to be remembered in the future, so that is what I want to achieve somehow in music

With such a incredible back log of releases, praise from Thurston Moore and touring with The Kills, I reckon Baby In Vain may just get what they wish for. Even if there isn’t life on mars?

A new music tip by BABY IN VAIN : Bene – Forgotten Memories E.P (2017)

Lola: “Bene just released an EP in her own name!! It’s really good, very cute little songs check it out!”

Baby In Vain

Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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