_DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE w/ Dama Scout and “Paper Boy”_

Caught between daytime minimalism and heavier more powerful urges, 2016’s debut single “Forget It’s Good” took you down an unexpected path. Dreamy guitar lines and soft vocals combined with the more sinister and aggressive alt-rock cravings. What sets this apart from their peers is the ease at which the band change the mood of the track, from sunshine to thunder in a matter of seconds.

Then came last years release “All In Too“,  a warped pop song with brilliantly awkward guitar lines and vocal curves that dance to raw guitars. Slowly but surely, in an awesome wave of post-punk guitar, thrashing drums, the storm erupts. Lost in the momentary industrial thrash of heaving drums,  and spiralling guitars, we are then yanked from under it wonder how to describe such a pleasant paradox.


With a balance of hazy echos and angular guitar lines new single “Paper Boy” (14/04/17) rolls along as the ultimate anti-summer hit. Romanticizing the memory of once delivering someones morning news, or perhaps just obsessed with the idea of time alone, solitude and having time to reflect about the normally of life with each early morning step.

Paper Boy” is released via London independent label RIP Records and see’s the London/ Glasgow based band step into the spotlight as one of the most exciting alternative prospects of 2017.

Dama Scout – bandcamp

Upcoming shows:

28/04 – The Dome, London w/ HAPPYNESS

24/05 – The Sebright Arms, London w/ Jay Som

Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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