_As modern life turns sour, this London lot have bottled escapist disco for your doorstep – Introducing.. MILK DISCO_


Modern London life is tough, impersonal, and it’s easy to find yourself detached. Everybody needs something to get them into a positive groove. Step forward Milk Disco.

Milk Disco combine the effortless instrumental builds of late 00’s electronic/rock  bands such as We Have Band, LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture yet retain a strong rock back bone with an underlining British feel.

Welcome to the Milk Disco“, is 5 minutes 43 seconds of escapist disco, elegantly care free and perfectly danceable, but beneath the atmospheric synths, bass-driven groove and off-kilter guitar lies something real and sinister. Clamber through the moving bodies and listen as the band touch on what its like be young and disorientated in modern London.

“We all need something real, we all need something real”

Perhaps this is it.

Welcome to the Milk Disco” comes via Camden label Ra-Ra Rok Records, and next week (12/05) with support from Goat Girl, Milk Disco will play at their local east London boozer The Royal Sovereign.



By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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