The Gametes – ‘Stuck in a Turnstile’ – Welcome to the strange world of these Aussie punks

 📸  by Robbie Atkin

From the tropical shores of Brisbane, Australia arrive The Gametes. Back in July this year the band released a 6-track EP named The Sweat Tapes which includes recent single Stuck in a Turnstile, the release contains 6 tracks that tell wild and wonderfully intricate stories about werewolves on the loose, feeding spiders in the shower and being eternally trapped inside machinery.

Stuck in a Turnstile was released later as part of the introducing series by London indie label RIP Records. The track boasts a Parquet Courts esque commentary backed by  razor-sharp post-punk guitar, part awkward intrigue, part groove with a lyrical sense of humour that sets them apart from their peers. Dig deeper into their sound with The Sweat Tapes EP and delve in the Nick Cave esque commentary of the weird world of The Gametes, and their brash take on lightning paced post-punk that swirls into a surf rock paradise.

Listen to The Sweat Tapes EPBandcamp


By Karl Johnson

Hard Of Hearing Music



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