Art School Girlfriend – ‘Moon’ – A dark and soul-stirring piece of nighttime electro-pop

Margate based Art School girlfriend return with ‘Moon’, a dark and soul-stirring piece of nighttime electro-pop.

Following on from last years EP Measures, Art School Girlfriend return with an intoxicating slice of intimate electro-pop in Moon through Wolf Tone Records.

Moon feels like a late night love letter that never quite sees the light of day, the warm textures of the track contrast with the softly spoken and intimate word play resulting in a touching tribute to the clarity that can be found in the late night hours.

Art School Girlfriend took to the stage at a the Sebright Arms on Tuesday (13th March) in an exhibition of captivating and darkly enticing electro-pop excellence.



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headofhearinglogov5 (2)

By Karl Johnson




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