WOOZE – ‘Ladies Who Lunch With Me’ – Art-rock specialists make good on their threat to become London’s best new band.

London newcomers WOOZE get prolific on their third art-rock powerhouse single through Young Poet Records.

Following Party Without Ya and Hello Can You Go WOOZE have treated us to yet another new single with Ladies Who Lunch With Me.

Though only their third release, Ladies Who Lunch With Me is a sound instantly identifiable as WOOZE. And it’s a sound that appears completely effortless, sickeningly cool guitar riffs that shift seamlessly into synth-infused disco-pop seemingly oozing out of WOOZE.

To suggest that it’s effortless is perhaps unfair, however, as what Ladies Who Lunch With Me actually is is an ode to the impeccably unique sound that the British/ Korean duo have expertly crafted; to their ability to present us with yet another impossibly infectious hit. While the music may be uncontrollably seeping out of them, what’s far more likely is the pair possess masses of talent, and the track sets them up as one of the most exciting acts around at the moment.

Though Ladies Who Lunch With Me will for sure be in your head for the foreseeable future, that’s certainly no bad thing as when their glistening off-kilter pop inevitably takes over the world, you’ll already know it off by heart.


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headofhearinglogov5By Melissa Svensen

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