GURU – ‘Consumer Helpline’ – A hard, heavy, throbbing alternative rock urge on debut single.

Brighton four-piece GURU unleash a garage rock juggernaut in debut single ‘Consumer Helpline’.

Consumer Helpline is an anti-anthem. A hard, heavy, throbbing alternative rock urge, squeezed through the sticky neck of a three and a half minute beer bottle in audio form. The Brighton four-pieces’s first real single is a garage rock juggernaut, elements of punk and psychedelia tinge the band’s full throttle aural assault.

Having experienced GURU live around the time of The Great Escape Festival this year, I can wholeheartedly vouch for band pulling this shit off live. From the grainy press photo to the gritty live nature of the recording of Consumer Helpline, this is a band who truly make their mark on the live stage. Exactly how a rock band should, too many band’s struggle to match their recorded output live.

So dip into this ear-splitting debut, and enjoy watching GURU sweat on a small stage whilst you can.


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Hard Of Hearing live on Boogaloo Radio EP04 – Listen!

headofhearinglogov5By Karl Johnson

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