Someone – ‘Pull It Together’ – A hypnotic, dreamy dose of psych-pop.

Photography – Bibian Bingen

Amsterdam’s Someone transports us to deepest outer space with taster from upcoming interactive LP.


The first single to be taken from her upcoming EP Orbit, Pull It Together is the latest slice of psych-pop from Amsterdam’s Someone.

The EP as a whole is set to see Someone (AKA Tessa Rose Jackson) push her creativity to exciting new levels. Having, for her first EP, created a short film for each track, Orbit sees Tessa create an interactive Augmented Reality exhibition – an exploration of just how closely art and music can be fused. This notion is clear in Pull It Together alone. A hypnotic, dreamy dose of psych – reminiscent of Tame Impala or Air, though to reduce it to comparisons would be unfair – Pull It Together is a work of art in itself.

With the exhibition set to see artworks (reminiscent of space and planets) come to life with the album, pieces reacting to songs and interaction from the viewer/ listener, Pull It Together is the perfect introduction to the project. Through far-off vocals, swirling instrumentation and vast soundscapes, Someone transports us to deepest outer space.


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By Melissa Svensen

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