Rebecka Reinhard – ‘Valentine Road EP’ – Sprawling folk-inspired, dream pop minimalism.

Rebecka Reinhard channels inner turmoil into beautifully upfront dream pop minimalism on new EP ‘Valentine Road’.

With her time split between Stockholm and London, Rebecka Reinhard channelled her inter turmoil and relationship blues into beautifully haunting, upfront dream pop minimalism. Built around a spacious and atmospheric soundscape, yet somehow harnessing a rare intimacy that gives you goosebumps, she has introduced her new EP Valentine Road out on the excellent Breakfast Records.

Working alongside friend James Shaur, the pair put together the Valentine Road EP between long shifts finding time and space at home to record with a bare-bones set up. The use of £4 iPhone drum machine app, used to add delicate percussion, only adds to Rebecka’s accomplished sound, without ever coming over too DIY-sounding for the sake of it. It would be hard to create this type of intimacy in a recording studio.

Geraniums, the most recent release from Valentine Road, cuts deep emotionally as Rebecka throws herself into a new passion to occupy her thoughts. A feeling which will surely resonate with many.

“.. I had just come out of a long relationship, and in the beginning tended to occupy myself tending to growing little plants. This became both a way to distract and heal myself.. leaving behind the many plants I had cultivated was one of the hardest things to do. The song itself reflects on a tiny Geranium plant I bought at the Columbia Road Flower Market.. they became symbolic of my time in London, and a part of me still takes comfort in dwelling on the old melancholies brought up when thinking about that part of my life.”


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By Karl Johnson

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