NEW MUSIC: Talk Show – ‘Ankle Deep (In a Warm Glass of Water).

On a thought-provoking and hard-punching return, Talk Show unveil a superb video for ‘Ankle Deep (In a Warm Glass of Water)’.

Talk Show step forward with a new single entitled ‘Ankle Deep (In a Warm Glass of Water)’, a thought-provoking and hard-punching post-punk return. The track arrives ahead of the band’s sold out show at The Lexington tomorrow (04.10.19).

Drums open at a canter as a hypnotic bass groove grips you, frontman Harrison Swann chooses this moment to favour an icy spoken word delivery, lyrics spat like venom. If you expected another ‘Fast and Loud’, you’ve underestimated Talk Show‘s craft, that’s not to say that the band’s debut didn’t hit all the right buttons.

‘Ankle Deep (In a Warm Glass of Water)’ spins on an axes of social commentary, a fusion of thoughts, daily truths and a jigsaw of ideas that cleverly fit into place as the band’s hunger-driven post-punk washes over you.

Talk Show allow you to confront your own reflection to a backdrop of unyielding house of horrors post-punk. ‘Ankle Deep (In a Warm Glass of Water)’ is an exciting new direction.


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By Karl Johnson

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