NEW MUSIC: Drens – ‘Saditsfiction’.

Introducing the German surf rock quartet bringing sunshine back to guitar music in 2020.


‘Saditsfiction’ is the joyous new single by Dortmund surf rock quartet Drens, and it’s released today. The band’s superbly jangly release arrives ahead of the announcement that their debut EP entitled ‘Pet Peaves’ is set for release May 2020.

Drens know how to evoke feelings of sunnier times in sunnier climes. But, then that’s surf rock right? The high-octane four-piece have all the qualities to turn your world upside down. Feast your eyes on that interlocking rhythm section, those fuzzed-out guitars and that sweet vocal, all build around a dying-love for lo fi harmonies and DIY-led Garage rock.

The band released 7 singles over the last two years, the tracks made their way onto a mixtape entitled ‘Sunny Side Up’ which was released in true DIY fashion on cassette and CD. Keep an ear out for their debut EP, released May 15th – here for details.


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