Home Counties juggle knife-edge momentum on ‘Dad Bod’.

The Bristol band return record deal in hand and every inch as anxiety-inducing as before.


I feel that the new single by Home Counties somewhat evokes the feeling of conducting a guided tour through a toy factory just before it’s busy Christmas period, hear me out. The sound of wood blocks, whistles and people busy on the production line echo through ‘Dad Bod’, while the bass and drum rigidity represents the churning gears of mass production. Maybe you hear it, maybe you don’t, but Christmas certainly did come early for the Bristol-based quintet, as they recently inked a deal with Alcopop! Records after just one single release.

‘Dad Bod’, which would be a fantastic name for a band, arrives as the Bristolian’s second single in a follow up to the equally angular ‘Redevelopment’, a neatly titled debut following the bands name change (formally known as Haze).

This new single goes further to establish Home Counties as a band who can craft part anxiety-inducing, part playful pop atmospheres and juggle knife-edged momentum with the best of them. You get the feeling that they’re only just getting started.