Show Boy – ‘Empress’ – Shapeshifting glam-rock in a far out pop nutshell

London’s Show Boy harness the spirit of Prince on new track ‘Empress’.

Anyone familiar with London outfit Show Boy, will have most likely heard their release ‘Young Gun’, a stadium sized, coming of age slice of glam rock. A debut track which wraps itself in an early 70’s sound and soul.

New release ‘Empress’, harks back to the noughties pop greats, recalling the sharp pop shifts of master Justin Timberlake, yet the track is built around a Prince-esque wall of guitar accompanied by swirling subterranean electronics which squirm and shine into the strange.

The funk bass line and driving rock momentum push the chorus to ‘Empress’ into a colossal dance floor anthem, with singer Jovis hitting all the high notes in all the right places. It’s hard to tear your eyes away from Show Boy as a live prospect, they aren’t a band who just play their instruments, they are aesthetically and performance wise every inch the rock stars we need in 2017.


Show Boy Live

17/10 – The Lock Tavern w/ Dorian Electra

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By Karl Johnson